Why Bulky.ae is unrivaled among Bulk & Wholesale platforms.


Find anything in bulk and pay wholesale prices!

    • Our platform allows you to connect to countless number of sellers who offer their products in bulk quantities.

Negotiate with sellers.

    • Negotiate prices based on quantities you wish to buy.

Access to exclusive shops only on Bulky.ae.

    • We have partnered with various shops in UAE to open exclusively on our platform and allow their shops to be accessible to everyone.

Advanced chat function

    • Our chat feature allows for quick and smooth experience to communicate with sellers clearly.

Engage in bidding with sellers.

    • Place your bids on the items and beat other competitors by including your price and a message to the seller.

Meet sellers.

    • You can visit the seller at their physical shop or any agreed meeting place to inspect the items you wish to purchase to ensure their top quality.

Explore the item with a clear video.

    • Sellers are able to record a video of the item in real time to allow you to view the items in a much more descriptive manner.

Request for items you are unable to find!

    • If you can’t find the items you want to buy in bulk, you can create an Ad as a buyer requesting sellers to contact you regarding the item you are seeking.