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Bulky Portal is a Dubai Economy Sellerity Registered Wholesale Classifieds entity, hereinafter referred to as “BULKY.AE” or “” or “” or, “Platform” or “We” or “Us” or “Our”. This document is an electronic record and is created in keeping with the requirement of the prevalent and applicable laws that governs Classifieds, eCommerce & Related Trade in the UAE, including but not limited to the below laws and all their sections.

  1. The UAE Civil & Commercial Code.
  2. Federal Law No. 1 of 2006 on Electronic Commerce and Transactions.
  3. Federal Law No. 5 of 2012 on Combatting Cyber Crimes and its amendment by the Federal Law No. 12 of 2016.
  4. TRA Regulatory Policy, Internet Access Management – April 2017.
  5. Federal Decree Law No. 2 of 2015 on Combating Discrimination and Hatred.
  6. Matters for which no specific provision is laid down as per the applicable laws in the UAE, the same shall then be governed by the international commercial laws affecting Electronic Transactions and Commerce and the general principles of civil and commercial practice.

1. Purpose of this document owes its origin to the Emirati way of innovation in trading and commerce, mutual respect and a very high degree of respect to Privacy for everyone involved, specially the Ad owners and buyers of the Ads.The paradigm shift we offer will make bulk trade and commerce better, easier, much more cost effective and at a click of the button for all users. While doing so, and its affiliates will need to gather and process information, including your personal information, to serve you. We value privacy and thus wish to adopt the below detailed Privacy Policy.

  1. This Privacy Policy document explains how we plan to collect, store, use and at a later stage destroy the personal information that we collected from everyone who connected with us at
  2. We have tried to follow global best practices, we have used simplified language in this document in order to convey all the information in a clear and direct manner, which we believe will contribute towards a higher level of customer service and satisfaction.
  3. needs to deal with the myriad genre of the public, you could be Seller who came on board to sell your Products, Services and Applications (together termed as the “Services”). In addition, you could be a Buyer visiting our store and using our technology, including the Payment Process. Furthermore, you could also be a participant in the “Partner” program, or you could be a visitor to our Platform. From the time you connect with us, use any of our services, bid and negotiate with a Seller or with a Buyer, or simply browsing our site, you are agreeing to the terms of this Privacy Policy and our Terms of Service at

2. Revision

  1. Please note, we may make several revisions and updates in the initial Privacy Policy, as may be stipulated by the needs of operational efficiency, governmental, legal, or regulatory requirements from time to time.
  2. Any significant changes we make in the Privacy Policy shall be notified by way of posting the revised policy on, or through any other means as practically possible.
  3. If you continue to use this website, platform or any of our services, including contacting us via phone or through personal interactions, you are agreeing to the revised policy too, by default.

3. Seller’s role in Information collection process

  1. If you are a Seller, then it is pertinent for our Buyers to know how you and through you, shall collect and use their personal information. Therefore, if you use our Platform and Services, you are also obliged to make available, your latest privacy policy in your website or Buyer front-ending process, it should also ensure all legal requirements of your trade.
  2. Your privacy policy mechanism must ensure that you receive the consent of the Buyers and it must allow their personal information to be stored and used by You, and all other third parties in the process.
  3. Moreover, if you are collecting any sensitive personal information of the Buyers, such as related to their personal health, race and ethnicity, political positioning & opinion, religious or philosophical beliefs, any type of trade union membership, sexuality, etc., then you must agree to obtain affirmative, and expressed consent of the Buyer that his/her sensitive personal information will be used by you and and other third parties in the process of rendering the services.

4. Our Partners

Our partners could be individuals or businesses that have agreed to the terms of the Partner Program and promote our Services by

  1. Referring Clients to;
  2. Developing our store themes for the usage of Sellers
  3. Developing apps through Application Interface (API).

5. Information collected from our Sellers / Partners and its usage

  1. There are several information we collect from you such as, Organization name, Dealing person name, Trade license number, Dates of issue and expiry, Issuing Sellerities details, Physical address, PO box address, Emirates or the state, Country, Email address, Fax numbers, Phone numbers, Mobile numbers, Payment details such as IBAN number, account number, Bank name and address, Type of account, Beneficiary details, Full credit card information, Payment authority if different from contacting person, etc.
  2. All this information is required by us to provide the services you have contacted us for. In doing so, we must confirm your identity, contact you, invoice you, send you other information and updates of any type that might include advertising and marketing information; product updates; relationship status updates;notices, legal documents, other documentation and information that may be required to be sent as per the law or for the smooth functioning of our commercial relationship. We will use your information to ensure legal requirement of all types is compiled with.
  3. We collect data whenever you visit website and platform, this may include information about the device and the browser you use, the telecom service operator or network, your IP address, etc. We also generate statistics on how you use or browse site or interface, movements, duration etc.
  4. We use this information to not only enhance your user experience, but also to provide services that you seek or the services you might require, as per our Ai tools recommendations. We will also use this information to provide you with our and 3rd party advertising or marketing content.
  5. Once you complete the signing-up process for the Services, and based on your location, we may create your Payment Account. Once you activate this account, we shall collect your business address, business type, business ID number, date of birth (if you are an individual business owner), bank account information and government-issued identification information where applicable, such as your Trade License Number, Establishment Card Number, Emirates ID number, passport number, or National ID number.
  6. The Payments account provides you with fraud and risk monitoring, along with complying with applicable legal and regulatory requirements.
  7. Your Buyer’s information is collected only when you share the same with us or when your Buyer provides the same while shopping or during payment checkout.
  8. We use this information to provide you with our services and so that you can process orders and better serve your Buyers.
  9. At times, like in situations where there is an Identity theft – we use this information to verify.
  10. We also use the information to authenticate a phone call (if you call us). At times we may request that you share a government-issued identification information.
  11. We will also use personal information on all such automated and non-automated processes where you have given us your express permission.

6. Information collected from our Buyers and its usage

  1. We collect our Buyer’s name, email, shipping and billing address, payment details, company name, phone number, IP address,order details, devices & browser used.
  2. This information is used to provide services to our Sellers, like order processing, authentication, screening, payments & general improvement in our services.
  3. Like in a traditional store with a human interface, we deploy cognitive techniques to understand and suggest goods and services that might interest you – we will use this information at all such places too.
  4. If you use the payment gateway for making payments, we would use your information to automatically fill out the checkout info columns.
  5. Our technology uses your personal information like IP addresses, credit card and other payment information, to safeguard you and block potentially fraudulent transactions for defined periods of time.

7. Stage at which the Information is collected

  1. We collect this information when a User accesses our Platform or uses any our Services, such as when while visiting a Seller’s site, placing an order or sign up for an account one of our Sellers’ sites.
  2. We also collect this information when you make payment through the payment gateway andpre-fills your checkout information.
  3. Additionally, we partner with third parties who provide us information about our Sellers, for example to help us screen out Sellers associated with fraud.

8. Sharing Buyer information with third parties

  1. works with a number of service providers and 3rd parties in an attempt to provide our services,we may share the personal information we collect with them to support our services.
    We may also share your information if:
  2. Any situation as required by the law or by any government representative, against a competent court order or warrant, any local, regional, national or international security agencies. To stop or help an authorized investigation against any fraud or illegal activities, potential threat to individuals or public life and property, any violation of our Terms of Service or any other agreement related to the Services, or similar.
  3. For conducting marketing and advertising campaigns.
  4. When you deal with our Sellers and visit their sites, their application software may need us to provide your personal information.
  5. If ever our business gets acquired, merged, declared bankrupt, dissolved or there is a change of ownership, then our Buyer database & personal information may also need to be shared with the new owner. In all such cases, we shall post a suitable notice on our homepage.
  6. is responsible for all onward transfers of personal information to third parties in accordance with the prevalent and applicable laws of the United Arab Emirates.

9. Information collected from Visitors and support users

  1. If you casually visit our Platform too without transacting any business on it, we still collect information about the device and browser you use, your network connection, your IP address, and information about the cookies installed on your device. We also collect personal information submitted by you via any messaging feature available from any of our websites.
  2. We may also receive personal information when you reach via any other websites either directly from you or from the site directing you to ours.
  3. From telephone support users, we collect your phone number, call audio, and other personal information you provide us during our call. Pursuant to our Terms of Service, we may request additional documentation from you during our call to verify your identity.
  4. From chat support users, we collect your name, email address, information about the device and browser you use, your network connection, your IP address, chat transcript, and other personal information you provide us during our chat. Pursuant to our Terms of Service, we may request additional documentation from you during our chat to verify your identity.
  5. We use this information to verify your account, to provide and enhance our Services (including supporting or servicing your account, if applicable), and answer any questions you may have.

10. When do we collect this information?

  1. We collect this information when you visit the websites, either directly or via any other site, or use Services offered on our websites or engage with us either by email, web form, instant message, phone, or post content on or through our websites (including forums, blogs and via any Messaging Feature).
  2. We also collect any additional information that you might provide to us.

Information from cookies and similar tracking technologies

11. What is a cookie?

  1. A cookie is a small amount of data, usually contains a unique identifier code that helps recognize and identify you. Cookies are sent to your browser from our website and stored on your device.
  2. We assign a different cookie to each device that accesses our website.

12. Why does use cookies and similar tracking technology?

  1. You may choose a desktop computer, a laptop, a mobile device etc. to visit us at different times, the cookies we send helps us recognize your device and provide you with a personalized experience every time you visit.So, cookies are a part of the Services, and are required to also operate the shopping cart for our Sellers’ sites. Read more about how we use cookies on our sites and our Sellers’ sites in our
  2. We also use cookies to serve targeted ads from Google, Facebook, Bing, and other third-party vendors, personalized advertising, ad delivery, and reporting across multiple sessions and devices.
  3. Also, our 3rd party advertising partners use cookies to track your earlier visits and show you targeted marketing communication. To better understand online advertising and how it helps you in being a smart buyer visit
  4. We also use web beacons, software development kits, and other automated tracking methods on our websites, to effectively communicate with you regarding our products and services, and also to measure our Platform’s performance and engagement levels.
  5. Opting out: You can opt out of targeted ads served via specific third party vendors by visiting the Digital Advertising Alliance’s Opt-Out page or the Network Advertising Initiative’s Opt-Out page.
  6. Please note, there is no consistent industry understanding of how to respond to “Do Not Track” signals, we are not programmed to change our data collection methodology even if we detect such a signal from your browser.

13. Third party apps on

  1.’s platform permits Sellers to connect their websites and Apps to provide additional and new features in their stores.
  2. Unless clearly listed as “Made by”, we have no responsibility nor has any control over how these apps function.
  3. Our Sellers control the apps they want to run and are themselves responsible for the relevant privacy and data protection requirements and compliance.

14. Duration of retention of personal information

  1. Generally, we retain your personal information throughout your relationship with us. For Sellers, it means as long as you maintain a store on our platform. We delete personal information 90 days after receiving a Seller or a partner deletion request. We also purge personal information from Seller sites 90 days after two years of continuous inactivity.
  2. For our Buyers, we generally process your information solely as a data processor on behalf of our Sellers, and it is up to the Seller to determine how long they will store your information in their systems.
  3. We act as a data processor on behalf of our Sellers, except where personal data of the Buyers are used for specific purposes such as risk and fraud screening.
  4. Once your commercial relationship is terminated with or you delete your login with us, a copy of your personal information is archived for legitimate business purposes, like defending a contractual claim, audit purposes, complying with the UAE laws, etc.
  5. shall continue to store anonymous or unidentified user information, such as website visits, without identifiers, in order to improve our Services.

15. What we don’t do with your personal information?

  1. We do not and will never share, disclose, sell, rent, or otherwise provide your personal information to other companies for the marketing of their own products or services.
  2. Exceptions for consumers are – Specific Bulky.aeSellers with whom you interact with, 3rd party apps or service providers used by same Sellers.
  3. Exceptions for Seller – The Partners you hire.
  4. If you are a Seller using’s Services, we do not use your personal information, or the information of your Buyers to independently contact or market to them. However, may contact or market to your Buyers if we obtain their information from another source, including the Buyers themselves.

16. How do we keep your personal information secure?

  1. We follow industry standards for information security management to safeguard sensitive information, such as financial information, intellectual property, employee details and any other personal information entrusted to us. Our information security systems apply to people, processes and information technology systems on a risk management basis.
  2. We perform annual audits to ensure our handling of your credit card information aligns with industry guidelines.
  3. Our payment partners – Are a PCI DSS Level 1 complaint service provider. This is the highest level of compliance available.
  4. However, we must mention that – No method of transmission over the Internet, or method of electronic storage, is 100% secure. Therefore, we cannot guarantee the absolute security of your personal information.

17. How do we protect your personal information across borders?

  1. While is a UAE registered company and primarily stores data across the world, we provide services to individuals and our technology processes data from users from around the world. Accordingly, may transmit your personal information outside of the country, state, or province in which you are located.
  2. Transferred data may be subject to the laws of the respective countries where they are transferred.
  3. We do not transfer or store data in countries that do not have a robust regime of data protection.

17. How do we protect your personal information across borders?

  1. In the course of offering our services, uses a number of machine learning algorithms and forms of automated decision-making. For example, we use automated decision-making to prevent risk and fraud by Sellers; to help Sellers avoid fraudulent transactions from their Buyers; to personalize Sellers’ experience using our Platform.
  2. Yet, there are limits to automation, some of the functions need human intervention, such as – how to act on a specific information regarding risk or fraud. Therefore, while the front end may look and feel automated, the backend might have components of human intervention in the decision-making process.

19. Control over and access to your personal information

  1. understands that you have a right over your personal information. We therefore take reasonable steps to allow you to access, correct, amend, delete, port, or limit the use of your personal information in the following manner.
  2. If you are a Seller or a partner, you can update many types of personal information, such as payment or contact information, directly within your account settings. If you are unable to change your personal information within your account settings, or if you are concerned about any of the data collected, please visit or use our support services, please contact us to make the required changes.
  3. If you are a Buyer and wish to exercise these rights, please contact the Seller you had interacted with,through our platform directly. We serve as a processor on their behalf and can only forward your request to them, allowing them to respond.
  4. It is important to remember that if you delete or limit the use of your personal information, the services may not function properly.
  5. Additionally, if you use the payment gateway and would like to have your personal information erased, you must do it at the payment gateway provider end only.

20. How and when to contact

  1. complies with prevalent and applicable laws of the UAE, we have endeavored to research and incorporate the global best practices followed by leading eCommerce companies across the world. This Privacy Policies document thus adheres to the industry norms in the collection, use, retention, ensuring privacy, sharing, destruction, security, data integrity, access, recourse, enforcement and liability of your personal information and data.
  2. If you have reasons to believe that your personal information has been used in an unauthorized manner and away from the privacy policy as detailed above, please contact us using the information below. If your complaint or dispute remains unresolved within a reasonable period, you may also contact the relevant UAE Sellerities.
  3. If you have any concerns or suggestions regarding this document, please contact by using the contact details below.

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