Top 10 SME trends in the UAE

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) have a vital role to play in the economic development of UAE. According to the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, SMEs contribute 90% of jobs in the private sector. In addition, the SME sector contributes 30% to the national GDP, says a paper released at the second India-UAE Partnership […]

Take advantage of Dubai’s one-year remote working visa for tourists!

With only a cost of a little over AED 1,000, overseas professionals can now apply for a one-year remote working visa to live in Dubai while remaining employed abroad. Dubai Tourism announced the new visa, which appeals to people who are due to be working virtually from home for the foreseeable future. This in fact […]

10 Top Tips for Smart Bulk-Buying

Discount deals are encouraging people to bulk-buy, but it’s important to be savvy if you want to avoid waste later on Nine in 10 shoppers claim to be committed bulk-buyers, new research has found. Across the world in the UK, one in 10 people are stockpiling grocery items as a reaction to Brexit and uncertainty […]

Why Internal Trading is encouraged

Internal Trading (a.k.a Domestic Trading), by definition, is the trade of domestic goods within the confines of the geographical boundaries of a nation. So the buying and selling of either goods or services done within a country is the internal trade. In such cases of internal trade, there is no levying of import/export taxes or customs duties. Only local […]